Life with the Cloistered Domincan Nuns

Life with the Cloistered Domincan Nuns

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Into the Desert...

We will be making our annual community retreat from the evening of October 26 to the morning of November 4. Please be assured of our prayers for you and we hope you will be praying for us, too! Our retreat master will be Fr. R.B. Williams, OP, a longtime friend of our community. Please keep him in your prayers as well so that the retreat will be a grace-filled time for all of us. Thank you!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!

The rosary is a prayer cherished by Dominican nuns. We pray the rosary every day for all the intentions recommended to us, and even for those we don't know personally--we pray for the whole world and all its needs.

You are welcome to join us in praying the rosary, either by coming to our chapel or by uniting your prayers with ours wherever you are. We pray the rosary as a community in chapel Monday through Saturday  about 2:40 PM (Sundays we all pray the rosary privately). We pray a third part of the rosary (five decades) together, but many sisters pray additional decades throughout the day.

Joyful Mysteries: Monday and Saturday
Sorrowful Mysteries: Tuesday and Friday
Luminous Mysteries: Thursday
Glorious Mysteries: Wednesday and Sunday

Let us be united in prayer under the patronage of Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Bird Watching...

 Recently we have been visited by a heron--a great white egret. Normally it flies over our property and stalks around our small lake, hunting for fish and frogs.

But one day it decided to explore the monastery grounds! If you look carefully, you can see it walking alongside our main building:

 It came up to the window and peered in at the delighted nuns (who were enjoying a bit of noon recreation), and then began to explore further:

Finally it returned to the pond, where it took off for its next destination...

We are blessed to live in a place where nature comes so close to us and we can see God's marvelous creation without ever having to leave the enclosure. May God be praised for all the wonders He has accomplished in this world!

Monday, October 4, 2010

St. Francis and St. Dominic

incontro-DOM-FRA-(Berlin)[1] Did they ever really meet? Chances are, they didn’t…but if they did, it must have been an interesting conversation! We greet all our Franciscan cousins on this feast day of their founder and keep them in our prayers as we sing the Antiphon to St. Francis and St. Dominic, as we do every year on the feasts of both St. Francis (October 4) and St. Dominic (August 8):
Our apostolic father Dominic, and our seraphic father Francis, have taught us your law, O Lord!