Life with the Cloistered Domincan Nuns

Life with the Cloistered Domincan Nuns

Monday, October 31, 2011

All Saints Day

Today we celebrate all the holy men and women who have gone before us in faith--those canonized, those whom we remember as saints (even though the Church will probably never formally recognize them), and all those known only to God who intercede for us night and day before the  heavenly throne. We often sing the hymn, "For All The Saints" on this day, with its stirring melody by Ralph Vaughn Williams, but the words strike an odd note somehow--they speak of the saints "who from their labors rest", when in fact we hope that, like St. Dominic and St. Therese and a host of other saints, they are still working hard from Heaven for us. This was St. Dominic's great promise on his deathbed--"I will be of more help to you where I am going than I have been here". His words were echoed by countless other saintly Dominicans as they lay dying. And we are probably all familiar with St. Therese's promise to "come down" from Heaven after her death. Maybe Heaven is more of a dynamic state of union with God than a place of eternal rest, with our beloved dead interceding for us who remain on earth. Whatever Heaven is like, it's got to be better than the cartoon version that shows a man apparently recently arrived in Heaven (decked out in white robe, halo, etc) sitting on a cloud and saying wistfully, "Wish I'd brought a magazine!" 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Waiting (sort of) Patiently...

We're having some technical difficulties with the new website, so it may not be up as quickly as we hoped it would be. But you can still check out our current website in the meantime! We'll try to update the community page (we've had a new member since July--you might have noticed her in some of our pictures!) as soon as possible. Please join us in prayers that we will soon have a new website up and running. We'll announce it when it happens!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

St. Luke

"Luke promises peace to the whole human race, and traces human origins from Jesus to the first man, as though to declare that all have a right to the salvation Jesus came to bring if only they are willing to receive it. This is what is meant by Luke's universalism. If Luke sees any class as privileged, it is the sinners, so piercing is the appeal of mercy in his gospel. Like Matthew and Mark, Luke tells of the call of Levi, and of Jesus' kindness to tax collectors and sinners; but he goes further, to relate the pardon granted to the sinful woman, the parables of the lost coin and the prodigal son, the conversions of Zachaeus and the good thief and--more moving even than the tears of repentant sinners--the profound, exuberant joy of the One who forgives, that surge of fatherly tenderness, that astounding revelation from the heart of God, which has converted so many souls."
--Fr. Marie-Joseph Lagrange, O.P.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bazaar News, Part 2

Saturday, October 1 was our target date for the bazaar, but it took us two days to get all our stuff out of the boxes and set up!

 Sr. Mary Thomas smilingly unpacks

Sr. Mary Margaret hangs the hanging baskets

Sr. Mary Christine arranges cards and calendars

Thuy, Sr. Maria Guadalupe, Sr. Bernadette Marie, and Sr. Maria Rosario showing off some of our varied offerings!

The bazaar was really a great success and yes, we are considering doing another one! Please do keep us in prayer as we consider all the options!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bazaar News, Part 1

We wanted to bring you these pictures from the bazaar preparations before the bazaar (which was  held on October 1) but we were too busy actually getting ready to post anything! Well, better late than never...
Sr. Mary Christine sewing a Christmas tree skirt

Sr. Marie Augustine makes aprons
Sr. Maria Cabrini with a doll that needs stuffing, hair, and other things!

One of the many fruits of the bazaar was the way the entire community pitched in and worked together to make many wonderful arts and crafts. It was a strengthening and enriching experience for all of us.We hope to do this again sometime...maybe next year?? Pray for us! More to come!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Farewell to the Hummingbirds

We have a hummingbird feeder on the breezeway inside our monastery cloister, and it provides much enjoyment for the sisters who love to watch the hummingbirds come to drink the nectar (and occasionally fight over who gets to drink!). And we get other visitors to the feeder as well, including orioles, wrens, wasps, and lizards! But we put it out especially for the hummingbirds of course. Since they started flying around and looking for food in April, we put the feeder out early, but now that October has come we haven't seen a single bird in days. Probably they have all flown south for the winter, but we hope to see them again come spring!

 Enjoying a drink...

Just a little more...

Now off to points south!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

St. Therese, pray for us!

OK, there's no really strong Dominican connection with St. Therese that we know of...we just love her! We have two sisters in our community named for her! We chose this picture because it's so different from what you usually see in connection with St. Therese...she was sweet, sure, but she was also tough!

We especially today invoke St. Therese's blessing as we are having our first-ever bazaar! It will be held at St. Andrew's Church in Lufkin, TX from 9 AM to 2 PM today. If you are in the area, please drop by and check out all the great stuff! (This bazaar is why we've been so quiet on the blog front recently!!) We will be bringing you more about the bazaar in days to come. 

Also would like to answer some questions that have come up about the bananas! Regarding fruit flies...we have never had a problem with this. We have a statue of St. Martin de Porres in the kitchen which is supposed to deter mice but maybe he keeps fruit flies away too! (We don't have mice either. Or any kind of vermin in the kitchen. Thanks, St. Martin!!) Regarding the preparation and timing...We usually let them set on top of the gas stove (pilot light on) for several days, turning them about once a day. You know they're ready when they're all dried out but still flexible. You can cover them with a towel or net if you have trouble with flies, etc. You can do them in the oven too but they need to be watched. We have burned some by mistake!