Life with the Cloistered Domincan Nuns

Life with the Cloistered Domincan Nuns

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday & St. Valentine

Today is a "God-incidence". It is Ash Wednesday (the beginning of the season of penance and self-denial) and also St. Valentine's Day (a day to share loving thoughts).

Some people think they are an "odd couple", contradictions. But not really. They go perfectly together. In fact, a loving Heart is our Goal for Lent. Union with the pierced Heart of Jesus Christ Who died on the Cross for us sinners, the entire human race, is the purpose of our lives. Jesus offers us His Heart every day in Holy Communion. His love is faithful and enduring. Trust Him with your heart.

Each year the Dominican Family in the Southern USA Province offer a short reflection for every day of Lent. Today's is by Fr. Philip Neri Powell and is very powerful . Please check it out HERE.

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