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Morning Star

The first star to appear in the evening--and the last to disappear as the sun rises--is not a star at all. It is the planet Venus. Pagan thought connected this planet with the goddess called Venus and had special rites and prayer according to the planet's position in the sky, both over time and in the course of the day. (Because, after all, Venus is still up there, though we can't see it when the sun is shining brightly!) 
In his novel Perelandra, C. S. Lewis presented the planet not so much as a pagan deity but as an entity whose aspect is feminine, just as Mars (or Malacandra) was seen as a masculine entity in his novel Out of the Silent Planet. He suggests that the pagans had the right idea about certain things (such as the apparent gender of the planets) although they were very wrong about many other things. But what does all this have to do with Mary? 
Mary is called the Morning Star because she was and is the Mother of Jesus. Just as we know morning is coming when we se…

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