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Nuns of Many Hats

There's an expression in English used to describe someone who has many different jobs or responsibilities. "She works full time, takes care of her husband and children, and volunteers at church--she's a woman of many hats!" In the same way, cloistered nuns wear many "hats", in a manner of speaking. 
Our primary work is of course prayer, and specifically, praying the entire Liturgy of the Hours. To this we add a community rosary, recitation of the penitential psalms for the dead, a period of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for each sister (which includes an extra time of adoration during evening recreation, when your turn comes around) and two periods of meditation each day. Oh, and of course, the community Mass every morning. That's a lot of prayers! 
In between prayers, we manage to squeeze in work time in our various departments. Sisters pack altar breads, write thank-you notes to benefactors, send both prayer enrollment cards and our special three…

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