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St. Dominic's Day 2020

Although we're a bit late, we wanted to share some of our St. Dominic's Day festivities with you.We began the day with the most important matters: the Liturgy of the Hours and a wonderful Mass in honor of our Holy Father Saint Dominic.

We spent the rest of the morning playing "Domingo", which is, of course, "Bingo" with a Dominican theme. Instead of numbers, we have names of saints, important places, writings, things like that.

The sisters who organized the feast day this year thought up a unique--and welcome--prize. Instead of more "things", we got the gift of time! Every winner (and fortunately, we all won in the end) received a Golden Ticket. This provides her with one full day of freedom to do whatever she wants to (within reason). The other sisters will even take her duties for her! No wonder Sister looks pleased in this picture. 
We all had a long siesta time, and came back in the afternoon for a milkshake treat. Finally, we ended our great da…

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