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Celebrating Our 75th Jubilee!

  Today marks the 75th anniversary of our monastery's establishment here in Lufkin! We had big plans for today: a Mass with numerous concelebrants, a reception, visits, souvenirs...but all that went by the wayside when COVID-19 came along. We hope to reschedule these events later, but for now our celebration has been scaled back a lot. Nevertheless, we are still celebrating!  We published a long and informative article on the history of our monastery in the latest issue of our newsletter, "Monastery Bells". If you don't receive the Bells, you can read it here.  (By the way, if you're interested in receiving our newsletter in your snail mailbox, please go to the email address on our website and send us your name and address! It's free!)  We also want to share just a few pictures that didn't appear in the Bells: This is another view of the first incarnation of the Monastery of the Infant Jesus. Note the statue of the Infant Jesus in front! We still have this

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