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Happy Trails!

We are truly blessed to live here in Lufkin, where we have all the conveniences of modern life mingled with the beauty of the east Texas piney woods. And since our monastery was founded almost 75 years ago, we were fortunate you buy a lot of land. Most of it serves as a kind of "buffer zone" which helps provide further enclosure, but we have enough land within the walls for a long paved trail that circles the outskirts of the main monastery buildings, which joins to a second paved trail that goes down to the cemetery. Many of us love to walk, run, ride bicycles and even skate on these trails. Well...we did, when the roads first got a good pavement set down, about ten years ago. Since then, nature has been gradually reclaiming the trail, as  you see:

But now our trails have been re-paved, through the goodness of Alexander Concrete and Asphalt Paving here in Lufkin!

We are always so grateful to the many people of Lufkin--and east Texas in general--who are incredibly generous …

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