Happy Birthday, Sr. Mary Agnes

Sr. Mary Agnes recently had her 88th birthday, which we celebrated with a rare treat of ice cream and cake in the refectory (dining room).
Sr. Mary Agnes admires her delicious cake (made from scratch!) 

Sr. Mary Margaret lights some unusual candles, and--

Wow! What a display! 

We don't usually celebrate birthdays in the monastery--we're more inclined to celebrate a sister's feast day instead--but when a sister reaches a "certain age" it does seem that she is entitled to a little extra celebration. Sr. Mary Agnes, we wish you many more Happy Birthdays in the years to come!


  1. A belated "Happy Birthday" Sister Mary Agnes. I think birthdays remind one of how "young at heart" we are:)God Bless you and grant you many more "young at heart" birthdays!! I see Sr Teresa in the background:):)


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