Pictures at an Exhibition

Our retreat ended this morning--all good things must come to an end--but we will long remember Fr. R.B. Williams and his exposition of Dominican life, aptly called "Pictures at an Exhibition" (not to be confused with the piano composition by Mussorgsky!).

Fr. R.B. began with the four pillars of Dominican life (prayer, study, community and ministry) and then continued his series of "pictures" with some of the mottoes and phrases commonly found in Dominican life, such as "Veritas" and "Contemplata Aliis Tradere". We were both challenged and inspired! Although we must leave the "desert" of our retreat, we take with us a wealth of new thoughts, prayers, and inspirations to guide us as we return to our "normal" contemplative life. 

Above you can see another sample of Father's "pictures from an exhibition". Thank you so much, Fr. R.B., for a great retreat and for your friendship to our community over the years!


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