Novice Directress Meeting at our Monastery

Some of the novice directresses from various Dominican monasteries--all happen to be members or affiliates of the Association of  Monasteries of Dominican Nuns of the Order of Preachers--are meeting here in Lufkin this week to discuss topics of interest and hear talks from various speakers.We are so excited to have them here with us!

From left: Sr. Mary Rose (Farmington Hills, MI), Sr. Maria Guadalupe (Lufkin, TX), Sr. Mary of the Precious Blood (Marbury, AL), Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart (Menlo Park, CA), Sister Mary Angela (Nashville Dominican Sisters--novice directress of their congregation and one of the speakers), Sr. Anna Marie (Elmira, NY), Sr. Mary Catharine (Summit, NJ), Sr. Mary Veronica (Lancaster, PA), Sr. Maria Pia (Bronx, NY), and Sr. Mary Magdalen (Squamish, BC, Canada).

Although they are keeping busy with their meetings and discussions, we have been able to have some interesting evening recreations with them. 

From left: Sr. Mary Catherine (a former novice directress!), Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart (Menlo Park, CA), Sr. Mary Catharine (Summit, NJ), Sr. Mary Magdalene, Sr. Mary of the Precious Blood (Marbury, AL) and Sr. Mary Thomas.

From left: Sr. Mary Dominic, Sr. Mary John, and Sister Mary Angela (Nashville). Sister Mary Angela told us many fascinating things about life as a Nashville Dominican!

From left: Sr. Mary Jeremiah, Sr. Mary Therese, Sr. Mary Magdalen (Squamish, BC, Canada), Sr. Anna Marie (Elmira, NY), and Sr. Maria Pia (Bronx, NY). 

We will bring you more news about this meeting as it happens...There are still several days to go! 


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