Theology Presentations!

This week we had our theology seminar, conducted by Sr. Anna Marie, O.P. from the Monastery of Mary the Queen in Elmira, NY and based on the classes we took last year with Fr. Bryan Kromholtz, O.P.
 Sr. Anna Marie (Elmira, NY) explains a theological point to the seminar class

Sr. Joseph Maria (Summit, NJ)

Sr. Mary Dominic (Lufkin, TX)

Sr. Mary Frances (Farmington Hills, MI)

Sr. Mary Thomas (Lufkin, TX)

 Sr. Maria Teresa (Summit, NJ)

Sr. Marie Augustine (Lufkin, TX)

Sr. Mary Gabriel (Lufkin, TX)

Sr. Mary Giuse (Lufkin, TX)

Sr. Mary Rose (Lufkin, TX)

Sr. Anna Marie (Elmira, NY) gives some closing thoughts

All the presentations enlightened us about theological matters and showed the tremendous amount of work the sisters put in over the past year. We are so grateful for this wonderful opportunity!


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