Third Sunday of Lent, 2013

The image of the burning bush is one that has always captured the human imagination. Not only was the bush in flames, but it was not consumed or harmed. God drew Moses’ attention by the fire so that when he approached it God could reveal Himself.

A famous “desert father” story comes to mind:

Abba Lot went to see Abba Joseph and said to him: ‘Abba, as far as I can I say my little office, I fast a little, I pray and meditate, I live in peace and as far as I can, I purify my thoughts. What else can I do?’ Then the old man stood up and stretched his hands towards heaven. His fingers became like 10 lamps of fire and he said to him, ‘If you will, you can become all fire.’                  (Joseph of Panephysis #7)

This is what we are invited to become, especially during this Lent of the Year of Faith. As we surrender more to God’s will, we are enflamed with His love, bearing witness to His presence in the world beckoning men and women to find meaning and happiness in a relationship with the Holy Trinity—Father, Son and Spirit.


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