Retreat in Springfield, IL

 These five happy sisters are going to a retreat for Dominican nuns in Springfield, IL!
L to R: Sr. Maria Cabrini, Sr. Marie Augustine, Sr. Mary Dominic, Sr. Miriam, Sr. Mary Giuse

Usually, we stay inside the cloister for our retreats! But the Dominican promoter of the nuns, Fr. Brian Pierce, OP, organized a special retreat for nuns at the motherhouse of the Springfield Dominican Sisters in Springfield, IL. There will be four presenters: Fr. Brian Pierce, OP; Fr. Donald Goergen, OP; Sr. Breda Carroll, OP; and Sr. Ann Willits, OP. We are sure our sisters will have a beautiful time retreating with the Lord and their fellow nuns (as well as some of the Springfield sisters), and we look forward to hearing all about their adventure when they return on Tuesday, July 9! We have to mention that in addition to our sisters who are participating, one of our sisters here made the booklets they will use for the Liturgy of the Hours. It was quite a job!

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be holding down the fort here in Lufkin! Pray for all of us!  


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