Extracurricular MTS Activities

People may be wondering, do the nuns just attend classes and study while participating in the MTS progam? Well, mostly that's what we do--because the classes are intense and the seminar sessions (where we present our papers) are, too. We are grateful that our community in Lufkin is willing and able to fill in for some of our duties. But yesterday, we received 18 cases of bananas (yes, 18--about 20 bunches of bananas per case) and many of the MTS sisters helped to peel and slice bananas for drying! It was a lot of work but fun, too!

 Sr. Mary Thomas (Lufkin), Sr. Mary Jeremiah (Lufkin), Sr. Maria Teresa (Summit)

Sr. Mary Francis (Farmington Hills) and Sr. Mary Amata (Summit)

Sr. Maria Teresa (Summit) and Sr. Mary Giuse (Lufkin)

Sr. Clara Marie (Farmington Hills) and Sr. Mary Gabriel (Lufkin)

Almost the whole group was peeling and slicing! It was late in the day and we got a little wound up! But it was lots of fun and we did a tremendous amount of work! 

We are so grateful to all our benefactors who provide for us so generously--and for all who help us to process these marvelous gifts! Thank you so much! More MTS news to come soon...


  1. Sr. MJ, you are too much! Everyone looks like they are making the most of it! Someone on facebook commented that you are very "apeeling"! :-)
    And to think I couldn't even get enough mashed bananas from the freezer to make 4 loaves of banana bread yesterday and had to settle for 3 loaves!
    Thanks for sharing!


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