Patristics with Fr. Brian Daley, SJ

We had the privilege of some lectures (and some informal question and answer sessions) with Fr. Brian Daley, SJ this past week. These lectures were part of the Ongoing Formation program, which is coordinated by our Association of Monasteries of Dominican Nuns. Fr. Daley, a professor at Notre Dame University, gave us a series of lectures on Mary and the Fathers of the Church. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, he is also a very kind and humble man! We really enjoyed our time with him and hope he will be able to return someday. 

 Fr. Daley lecturing in the community room

Fr. Daley answering some of our questions

Fr. Daley with Sr. Mary Rose, Sr. Mary Thomas, and Sr. Mary Jeremiah during our recreation time in the Gate Parlor


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