Signs of Spring...and other things

If you come to visit the monastery in the near future, you will see this lovely sight (or maybe it will be even prettier as the bluebonnets continue to bloom): 

Front yard: Mary with bluebonnets

Also in the front yard. Need we say more? 

The fig trees are beginning to produce those early figs that actually never amount to anything. They fall off before they ripen. St. Bernard of Clairvaux discusses this phenomenon in one of his homilies on the Song of Songs so possibly they have fig trees in France. (Or he just read about them somewhere?) The real crop of figs comes later, in the summer!

And just for fun--Sr. Bernadette Marie made us some delicious corn tortillas recently--from scratch. You can see her working here with the tortilla press in the foreground. In the interest of cultural diversity we should state that we also sometimes eat homemade egg rolls and other treats! (We'll try to get a picture sometime...)


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