A St. Valentine's Couple Visits Our Monastery

A very good friend of our community got married on Valentine's Day! Although we were invited to the ceremony, we were of course unable to go, but Judy asked us to sing two of her favorite songs for use in the ceremony. A professional came out to record our singing one morning, and so our presence was felt on many levels. And between the wedding and the banquet, the happy newlyweds came to visit us!

Our dear friend Judy and her husband Earl on our front porch

They generously brought us each a wedding favor, and the second tier of their wedding cake. And we were able to wish them much joy in their life to come. 

They are planning a honeymoon in Holland in the spring, when the tulips will be blooming! Sounds wonderful to us!

We pray that they will have many happy years together. May God bless you and keep you both!


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