Happy 80th Birthday, Sr. Maria Cabrini!


Sr. Maria Cabrini with her special "80" cake


We wish Sr. Maria Cabrini a very happy 80th birthday, and may she live many years to come!

Readers of this blog may recall that we only begin to celebrate birthdays when a sister turns 80 (we usually celebrate feast days instead). We have a party on a sister's 80th birthday, and cake and ice cream for dessert on subsequent birthdays--unless the sister is lucky enough to turn 90, or 100, and then we have another party! 

Although this may seem unfair, it really does work out well for everyone--because we all get to eat cake and ice cream along with the birthday sister!

The birthday girl with Sr. Mary Margaret, our prioress. Note the happy sisters picking up their cake and ice cream in the background!


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